My Story

Although I continue to work with in the medical industry it has become a dream of mine to forge a career within the Mountain Bike scene that I have such a deep passion for.

As an individual I am driven by self-improvement, both on and off the bike.

In my early 20’s I weighed in at just over 118kgs….well that was the last time I weighed myself but I know I got heavier. I wasn’t doing any consistent exercise and I certainly wasn’t focusing on my food intake. I remember the day I decided that I don’t want to feel this way anymore, I was tired, slow, foggy, unhappy & unhealthy, so I strapped on my runners and started training.

Three laps of Dad’s back yard was all I could manage, I remember feeling disappointed, disappointed that I had allowed myself to get to this stage in my life, but I also remember feeling driven, driven to change my mind and body for my future.

I had already had a background as a kid and a teenager with riding BMX, so I bought a new bike and began to use riding as a form of exercise to help myself achieve my goals. Needless to say I haven’t looked back, although often reflect on my past, since that day I have ridden my bike to the best of my ability.

Since those early days I have done my best to incorporate several different training styles into my overall schedule with: routine strength training; high intensity cardio; Pilates and core training; Road-Riding and of course Mountain Biking. I’ve also taken the time to learn about my body and the affects nutrition has on it, as for me this is a key factor to my overall health.

Over the years I have met and still engage with several key individuals that have helped me with guidance and shape my training. Through all of this I have become smart and stronger, but most importantly I have become a better rider, and to those individuals I am forever grateful to.

I also have a passion for video editing and creating YouTube videos (Please subscribe if you haven’t yet). As well as a passion for music; I’m a certified Bedroom DJ and I enjoy composing and producing music for my own video edits.Hit me up on SoundCloud – Dj Billy Scribbles.

I have been a Business owner with 20+yrs in Medical Healthcare Sales industry, yet my aspirations in MTB are what drives my passion and soul.

My life ethos is to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, connection with nature through sport and to foster an inclusive & diverse environment within the MTB community.

Most importantly I am a Loving husband, father, son, brother, friend and mentor.

Thanks for reading,