MTB 23 Mountain Bike Coaching and Rider Development

Provides quality mountain bike skills development coaching, in an inclusive, welcoming and inspiring environment to learn, practice and progress MTB skills.


Dan’s coaching elevated our riding to the next level. Always passionate and patient he loves riding and shares this love with his students. And it works: higher confidence, improved body position, unlocked features, better trail vision are just some of the outcomes we enjoy.

Kids are always pumped for the session with Dan and it is easy to see why – he is extremely encouraging, supportive and can turn seemingly boring drill into a spiced up fun riding activity. When you see a coach as stoked as you are with your or your child’s progress – you found the right one. This is our experience with Dan.

If you want more than just fun – he is there for you. Experienced racer, Dan can share a lot to assist with your competitive ambitions. From basics of race day prep to race-specific line choices adjusted to your abilities. My 10 y.o. daughter claimed two podiums in two Thredbo Gravity Series races (U13) this season and closed off Fox Superflow series as a ’21 season winner (U13) – proud to be Dan’s student. 

Phil M.

So stoked! I've been wanting to tick this feature off for a while, thanks to @dansmithmtb23 for the top notch MTB coaching, hit him up if you want to level up your riding!

I wish I could tell my 25 year old self that just because I can pedal a bike around and not fall off doesn't mean I don't need some coaching.

Nathan H.

My 10yo daughter did a block of training sessions with Dan Smith.

He is patient, positive, and passionate. Couldn't recommend a coach more highly.

Dom B.

My 3 sons (6,9 and 11) had one-on-one coaching sessions with Dan for 1hr each. They had the almost amazing time and built their confidence in trail riding enormously. The 3 of them span from ‘I may he small but I will give anything a go’ to ‘are you sure this is safe?’ through to ‘I may have only been riding a few years but Red Bull should be begging to sponsor me’.

Each of them came away with new skills, more confidence and an increased love of riding (if that is even possible). I have promised them that if they practice their new skills they can go back for another session, I am confident it will be money well spent.

Jenine W.

We have recently started coaching lessons for my 7 year old son and I am so impressed with Dan. He is incredibly knowledgeable, focusing on safety and ensuring my son knows the correct fundamentals of mountain bike riding, in a way that is fun, stimulating and challenging. Most importantly for me is that he instantly made my son feel comfortable and safe, and was patient and kind with him.

I cannot recommend MTB 23 high enough for mountain bike skills and coaching! We look forward to continuing our lessons!

Erin B.

Big shout out to Dan Smith, did a private MTB coaching session with him this morning.

Really well worth it!

Alex F.

Four of us had a great group skills session on MTB fundamentals run by Dan Smith on a very busy afternoon. Even after riding for 4-5 years myself and reading countless "how to" articles or watching YouTube videos it's amazing the difference it makes having someone actually watch you and provide instant feedback on the very basics of body position and cornering.

Can't wait to go to more lessons in the future with Dan and the other coaches we have here in the Hills area.

Ben G.

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