Autumn Enduro Camps 2024 | School Holidays Event

During the School Holidays we held our MTB23 Autumn Enduro Camps for 2024.

I take great pride in the Enduro Camp program that we have developed over the past 24 months. Our aim is to deliver the Rider the full MTB experience whilst challenging them out on the real world trails on the North Shore of Sydney.

Each school holiday period we hold our Enduro Camp, for example Autumn Enduro Camp ‘24 (AEC24), Spring etc. 
These camps are aimed at young riders looking for an experience for personal and physical growth. MTB riding is extreme, it's dangerous and there is a deep level of knowledge one must acquire in order to perform the movements with confidence.
In my experience growing up there was no formal way on how to learn to ride, we did it by trial, error and injury. 
Through these camps we take a predetermined routine that incorporates several challenging aspect, such as:
Distance of Ride
Hours riding
Challenging trail features
Trail Maintenance 
Through the above experiences we provide live physical demonstrations and verbal eduction as to how to over come these challenges, we then offer the space for the individual riders to work up towards hitting the features, riding the distance and educating them about the MTB life, it's social contract and what this means to the broader community, the environmental sustainability of the sport and what we need to do to protect it.
Plus we have fun the entire time and the Riders get to experience the deeper context to Mountain Biking.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our attendees that make this program possible, and we'd also like to extend our sincere thanks to our program sponsors:
- Chief Nutrition 
- The Edge Cycles 
- Pivot Cycles Australia
If you's like to know more about the upcoming Spring Enduro Camp 24 please send an email to
Ride Smart, Ride Safe, Ride Again.
Dan Smith MTB23