Continental MTB Tires - Kryptotal

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It is with great thanks to @tmosports_au and @contibike_au for supporting this blog! 

Recently, I teamed up with TMO and Conti AU to test ride and race on the brand new range of Continental MTB Tires.
If you know tires, then you'd totally be familiar with the Continental brand, synonymous with performance and grip!
This makes me super excited to try out the new Kryptotal Enduro Casing 29 x 2.4 on my Pivot Firebird for the 2023 season.

As they say "Grip to Push Your Limits" and with that, my choice of current tire setup will be as follows:

Front: Kryptotal Fr 29 x 2.4
Rear: Kryptotal Re 29 x 2.4

Both in 29 x 2.4 Enduro Casing and tubeless setup to help keep the overall weight down. Plus, I'm running inserts to help protect my rims and tires from pinch flats.
My good mate and fellow MTB Coach @tobygibbo, has been riding the Kryptotal and by all reports these tires have grip for days.


The best compound for every riding style
Our softest and grippiest compound in the MTB Gravity range. Especially for Downhill and Enduro users where the main focus is descending. Tires equipped with this compound are for riders with a 100% focus on grip, traction, control. Recommended for users with a large share of descent.

The balance of grip and rolling resistance for gravity focused users. High level of grip with a reasonable rolling resistance. Option to optimise the rolling properties of your rear wheel on the DH bike or have the optimal combo for Enduro or Trail riding.

Compound with balanced properties on grip and endurance. With the endurance compound a high durability in combination with good rolling resistance and grip is achieved. A Compound choice for trail riding or as an endurance focused compound for e-Bikes.


Here's the scoop, since TMO Sports and Conti Tires AU and MTB 23 have teamed up, we are able to bring you the following offer:

Shop direct from the supplier via and at checkout, enter the code: MTB23 to gain 10% OFF your order!

To add to this awesome deal, TMO/Conti AU will give you free shipping on orders of $100 and over, shipped straight to your door.
Now how's that for convenience!!

So, what are you waiting for?
Hit this link to access the BikeRumour Editor's Choice of 2022 for the Enduro MTB Tire of the Year 🏆